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We're the sun, sand and salt exterior experts in windows in Wilmington, NC.

We carry all types of windows:  vinyl, clad, hurricane impact and all in the latest colors.  We also have the popular true black windows. Whether you are upgrading existing windows, or have a new construction project, we have a wide selection of windows that will meet all your needs.  Contact us today for a quote on your project!​​

With insulated vinyl frame and sash and a thermally efficient window glass, your new windows will create an effective thermal barrier that significantly reduces energy loss from your home.

  • Vinyl Frames – Extremely durable and long-lasting, our vinyl window frames are built around insulating air chambers and provide an strong energy loss barrier.

  • SolarFlect™ Insulating Glass – We offer three grades of Low-E insulating glass to best meet the climate demands of your location.

  • Multiple Pane Glass – Both our double- and triple-pane windows are sealed and filled with Argon gas to increase energy efficiency.

Safety Features of Our Impact Windows

Our Hurricane Impact windows were designed by leading industry experts specifically to meet the requirements of the Florida Building Code, as well as other coastal building codes. Features of our replacement impact windows include:

  • Impact Resistance – Our windows are designed, manufactured and tested to meet the high missile levels, as well as cyclic test pressure protocols for impact certification by the Florida Building Code.

  • Security Against Intruders – Not only does this window offer protection against the elements, but it also meets the ASTM standards for preventing forced entry and the burglary resistant guidelines issued by Underwriters Laboratories.

  • Noise Reduction – Our laminated insulated glass also serves to reduce sound transmission as per ASTM specifications.

Top-of-the-Line Energy Efficiency

As well as being designed to keep your home secure during a storm, our impact windows offer exceptional insulating value and minimize energy costs.  From the durable vinyl frames to the multiple pane glass, you can live comfortably through the hot summers and frigid winters without paying a premium.

Are you ready to learn more? Contact us today to schedule your free, in-home estimate and consultation!

Hurricane Map

Hurricane Impact

Stacks of Windows

Double hung windows are the most common and functional windows.  Both the top and bottom sashes operate and tilt in for easy cleaning.  They offer a very traditional classic look.


Single hung windows are like a double hung window except only the bottom sash operates up and down, and tilts in for cleaning.  The top sash is fixed and does not move.  These are slightly less expensive.

Picture windows offers the most glass area for a clear unobstructed view compared to the same size in other styles.  It is a fixed glass unit that does not operate.

Single Hung, Double Hung &
Picture Windows

Double slider windows offer good airflow, and the left and right sashes slide open.

End vent slider is like the double slider except that there is a picture/fixed window sash in the middle.  The flanker window sashes on both sides slide into the middle.


Casement:  this style window offers a larger viewing area, great airflow, and a hand crank design.  These windows are hinged on the sides.  The screens are usually on the inside.

Window Installation

Double Slider, Casement & End Vent Slider

Couple and Builder

Awnings have top hinges, and the window swings out from the bottom.  They operate like a casement window with a similar crank design.

The Hopper window is hinged on the sides and the window opens from the top rail inwards

Bay windows protrude from the house to allow more light into the house vs a window that is installed flush with the exterior wall of a house. 


The Bow window usually uses the same style window in each section and is rounded in shape.

Geometric shaped windows. are fixed units in all types of shapes.  (i.e., half rounds, extended half rounds, eyebrows, trapezoids, palladium, extended eyebrows, full circle, hexagon, octagon, right triangle, quarter round, extended quarter round, pentagon

A transom is a picture/fixed window over another window or door transversely.

Awnings, Hopper, Bay, Bow & Geometric Shapes

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