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We're the sun, sand and salt exterior experts in all types of siding in Wilmington, NC.

Siding is your first line of defense to the heat, moisture and wind.  In our coastal climate, siding really takes beating from the sun, sand and salt exposure.  Additionally, we get a lot of wind through a random thunderstorms, nor'easters and hurricanes.   You want siding that is strong against these elements. 

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Board & Batten Siding

Sound Exteriors offers several types of siding


Cellular Composite:  Composite PVC siding that is 100% recyclable and mimics the look of real wood siding.


Vinyl:  A durable exterior plastic coating/wrapping for your home that is weatherproof and requires very little maintenance.  Available in many styles and colors.

Dutch Lap, Shake, Board & Batten

Wood:  Traditional siding.  Requires regular maintenance.


Cedar shake and shingles:  usually crafted from split cedar.  Shakes are split off and shingles are sawn smooth.  Both offer shades of color and variation that is very natural.

Lap Siding

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Wood, Cedar shake & Shingles

Cedar  Shake Siding

Advantages to vinyl siding

  • Cost effective

  • Ease of installation

  • Virtually no maintenance

  • Very versatile with lots of color, profiles, and textures to improve your homes curb appeal.


Additional advantages of insulated vinyl vs standard vinyl

  • Very durable (insulated vinyl is thicker vinyl with a form fitted insulated panel in the back)

  • Energy efficient (improves R-value by up to 19%)

  • Prevents heat loss through a process called thermal bridging.

  • Reduces exterior noise significantly

  • Wind rated to 160 mph

  • Can sometimes be eligible for energy credits on taxes or credits on insurance.

Vinyl Shake Siding

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